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  6. No more going out in snow, rain or terrible heat!
  7. No more carrying in dirt or mud worries.
  8. No more dashing home to let dog outside to potty!
  9. No more need for midnight potty walks.
  10. Perfect for condo, apartment or RV dwellers!
  11. No need to schedule days or weeks for training!

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Only took me 3 days to train Bo!"

Hi Teresa,
This is Mary McKay, I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I followed your e-book to the letter and now my lhasa apso (Bo) is potty trained.

It took me only 3 days to train him following your wonderful advice in your ebook.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Mary McCay


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What is your reason for wanting the luxury of a dog litter box training system that works without having to give up precious days or weeks of your life to do it?


       Are you planning on getting a dog or own a puppy and want the luxury of them being able to go potty when they need wherever they are??

        Do you live in an apartment, condo or mobile home?

        Do you own an older dog with special needs?

        Do you want to protect your dog from bad weather?

        Are you physically unable to take your dog outdoors?

        Have you lost sleep due to midnight potty trips?

        Do you miss activities you love due to not being able to leave puppy home alone too long?

  •   Have you tried dog litter box training, failed & need a method that works?
  •   Do you need dog litter box training method that works FAST with little effort from you?




    "This is a WONDERFUL E-BOOK!!

    It only takes a few days to potty train your precious dog(s) how to use the litter box!!

    Smart and Fast idea! No more messes!!

    It only took 7 days to housetrain my COCO to use it. She was a "bad girl" before. Luckily, I found this website and purchased this E-book from Teresa. I followed this E-book closely to train her! 

    Finally, it WORKS! Look, she took to it right away!! Buy this book, don't waste time!! Just DO it!! Thank u very much! Teresa! God bless u!!!!"

    Sincerely, Paige from San Francisco, CA 94116

  • memishysmokey.jpg
    Mishy and Smokey both litter box trained!


    Dear Fellow Dog Lover and Friend,

    Hello! My name is Teresa Heath. I live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida where 80% of the time it's hot!

    So that you will be comfortable right off the bat.

    Here is my personal email address, it is shoutwithjoy2428@yahoo.com

    That way you can contact me for any and all questions you might have concerning my litter box training your dog method.

    I have written this #1 Best Seller E-book, "How To Litter Box Train Your Dog"  for the primary purpose of helping others who like myself in my beginning days of litter box training my first dog, Mishy, are desperate to know the easiest, fastest and least time consuming way to litter box train their puppy or dog.


    I know you will want to hear about my amazing...

    ....No Fail, Foolproof Secrets.......

    • to having a house broken dog that can be left alone for hours on end while you go out and enjoy a romantic dinner, a movie or just simply hang out at a friend's house.
    • To having a dog that is a well disciplined, potty trained companion that you always dreamed of, and to reveal a freedom filled lifestyle that you never knew existed.
    • To be able to enjoy clean carpets and watch your puppy quickly become successful at "pottying in it's litter box".
    • To finally be able to have an indoor potty for your physically challenged older dog.
    • To feel secure in your dog being safe from outdoor dangers & bad weather!
    • To not be concerned with rushing home to let your dog out.


    It is like a breath of fresh air.... literally...to have your  puppy potty problems gone forever!


    Most other dog housetraining systems or methods require the dog or puppy owner to do everything for the puppy when it comes to the training itself. 

    My TOP SECRET method IS so easy because after you follow the explicitally detailed instructions on how to set everything up once as it should be....after that the puppy or dog owner's involvement in the training will be minimal.

    In fact, it is so much less time consuming it almost seems as if the puppy or dog is training him or herself.


    Does that sound like the kind of litter box dog training method you would like to use???


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    This incredible resource is not available in bookstores, in pet stores or anywhere else...


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    • You can either print the instructions

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    • you will never lose our guide.

    • You will always have instant access to the secret webpage provided to you 



    "Minnie took to it right away!"

    Dear Teresa,

    "WOW!  This is the best idea!  Minnie took to this litter box dog training right away!

    No more messes!  I can't thank you enough! " 

    Thanks, Wendy


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    People are totally amazed at how quick and easy these strategies work!


    "My dog is using the litter box!"

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    "It works!..Common sense"

    Praise:  slappy*squirrel: "Very informative, this litter box dog or puppy training, it works!! Common sense, not magic... Thank you!"

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    "I've bought other puppy training books, but yours really works!

    Thanx, it is working! Great info! I've bought other puppy training books but yours really works! A+ A+  Lisa Moore, Manassas, VA

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    No more Litter box train the dogs comments from hubby!! Great relief!! It Works! Thanks!!  Elizabeth Reeve, Fort Worth, TX 76134


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    Worked like a charm in just a few days!" Edward Jurkovic
            Bourbonnais, IL

    "Works great on hard headed dogs!!! Only took a week to train. AAA+++ "   Bev Broughton

     There is nothing extraordinary or special about these people, they are just ordinary people like you and me. They got to the place where they could not deal with their dog's potty problems anymore, but instead of just complaining about it...they did something about it. They got my older dog litter box or puppy training and followed it step by step and now their dog is a pleasure instead of a pain


    You TOO can enjoy all the benefits of having a litter box trained puppy or older dog!

    You can even train more than one dog at a time with my techniques! I trained 8 puppies at one time.

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    That’s right! Take 3 months to examine and use the housebreaking, puppy house training, puppy potty training information, tips and techniques in

    "How To Litter Box Train Your Dog".

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    Remember, I guarantee 100% your puppy or older dog will be litter box trained.

    If you don't succeed, this e-Book costs you nothing. But, you can't have a litter box trained dog or puppy if you don't get started.



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    Best of Success,

    Teresa Heath

    2428 Oakview Drive 

    Jacksonville, Florida 32246




    Hi, Teresa

    You may remember that I just purchased your ebook a few days ago through Paypal. What a difference it has already made! I've only had my Maltipoo puppy, Miss Kitty, for a week, she's 9 weeks old and I was told, litter trained by the breeder. Well, apparently no one told the puppy that! LOL!

    I've read dozens of books and articles on litter box training, and no one told me some of the key ideas that you have in your book.
    Well, lo and behold! Within 2 days, literally, since I read your book and made these changes, she's going on paper when NOT in the pen!
    I even took her today to her first puppy class, and she peed right on the puppy pad I took with me, on command! Oh, I was SO proud of my baby! LOL!

    Thanks Teresa - you really saved my sanity! Please feel free to use my letter as a testimonial if you like, I'm just so grateful I found your information.

    Debbie Crossman
    Syracuse, NY


    copyright (c) Heath2003


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