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litter box train dog

How To Litter Box Train Your Dog

By Teresa Heath





Time in Confinement..........


As in all things, there must be a balance to how much you leave your doggie in the crate or confinement area. 



Do not leave him in there all the time!



You must have times of letting your doggie out to play and spend time with it, at least every couple of hours or even more, if you are able.




Play hard with your puppy! Wear him out......Let him get tired out playing, then when it comes to confinement time, he won't mind, he will be ready for a nap or rest.





But remember, even if that seems like too long of a time for your dog to be confined, this is only temporary. 


It should only be for a short time that you have to do this.


If you are very consistent with the training steps, most dogs catch on rather quickly and then you don't have to leave them confined as long.



If there is going to be a period of time when you are not going to be able to watch your dog or puppy while potty training, then he or she should be in the crate (or confined area).


Especially when you leave the house for long periods of time.


As long as you make sure they have gone potty before you leave after feeding and watering them, they should be able to wait until you return. 



Now if you are going to work for 8 hours, I do not recommend leaving your dog in the crate for that period of time.


You should make arrangements for someone to help you by letting your pet go potty after about 3-4 hours (more often if your dog is real young) or if you can do it on your lunch hour that is great.



It is a good idea to keep the confinement are in the same place all the time.




If your dog is very young, the length of time he or she can be left in the crate without going potty can be measured by his or her age in months:


(You will discover, of course, this does not matter if you are using an ex-pen or other type of confinement because they will be able to go potty whenever they need to in that case.)



2 months old - 2 hours of being confined without a potty break

3 months old - 3 hours of being confined without a potty break

4 months old - 4 hours of being confined without a potty break

etc. - on up to about 6-8 months of age



"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man."

-- Mark Twain



The Crate Or Other Confinement Really Is Your Friend



A dog or puppy will eventually learn that their confinement area is their private place, their bed and enjoy sleeping there. 



Of course, after your puppy or dog is potty-trained you may decide they can sleep wherever they choose and that is perfectly fine.



Dogs live to please their master and with sufficient amounts of praise housetraining will happen quickly.



I do not necessarily suggest using treats in the actual litter box training, but if your dog responds extremely well to treats that is up to you.





Like I said before they love to get your hugs and praise. They live to please you!



Only possible alternative to not using any kind of crate or confinement.

One alternative, if you cannot use a crate or confinement of any kind.



A family of several members could make this a family project where every member has their own personal doggie duty time.



No one will want the night time shift and that will be a real challenge.



If the dog runs loose during the night it will definitely slow down the potty training process. 



You really need to find a way to have the dog in a restricted area of some kind. 



Most dogs will throw a bit of a fit about being confined at first, but when they see that you are not going to give in, they will settle down.



You might have to put up with a little commotion for a while, but believe me it will be worth it. I hope I have convinced you of the importance of using the crate.



 **The main purpose for using any kind of confinement is to focus on preventing accidents instead of having them happen and having to deal with it. 




The ultimate goal and ideal situation is to get your dog or puppy to do the right thing in the beginning. 



This preventative type of training is much more effective than punishing them for doing it wrong.




Although mistakes will happen and redirecting is an important part, preventing mistakes is the biggest positive in housetraining.



On our way to no more accidents!





The Newspaper or Wee Wee or Puppy Pad Phase



Due to many hours or research and experimentation with litter box training dogs I have discovered that 85% of puppies or dogs will NOT go potty in a litter box right off the bat.




That is what discouraged many of my customers that  had tried to litter box train their dog by using the instructions that came with the name brand dog litter and boxes that are sold in the pet stores.


It states that you should start right off putting your dog in the litter box filled with litter and expect them to start going potty in it right away.     WRONG!!!




Now, there are a few dogs that will do that but MOST will not.



That is EXACTLY the method behind my madness of  breaking it down into even smaller steps to achieve success!



The first step of training them to go on newspaper or pads.


I have so many thrilled customers that almost gave up on the idea of litter box training their dog because their first attempt was a disaster.




After acquiring my e-book and following my instructions on how to break the training down into much easier steps for their dog they have been excited to share with me their success!!!



Before you introduce the litter box to your puppy or dog you are going to need to completely train him to go potty on newspaper in a certain area of your house.




**I would like to interject a very important factor here that I am sure you will want to be aware of and that is:


I do not use litter of any kind in my litter box.


NO LITTER????????


I prefer highly using newspaper or pads of any kind over any kind of litter.



And here are my  reasons why:


  • with litter you are constantly scooping out mess and you can never really keep it clean enough for a dog to feel comfortable stepping in it.

  • most dogs are more apprehensive about litter

  • dogs chew and kick it all over the place

  • paper and pads are MUCH EASIER  to replace

  • dogs do not like to step on their own mess and if you do not make sure the litter is extremely clean they will not go potty in it after they have gone one time.

  • many of my customers who were using litter had dogs who all of a sudden quit using it all due to the litter not being kept clean enough for their liking.


 That makes using litter more expensive than I can  afford, I cannot afford to change the litter every time my dog uses it.


They are definitely not like cats in that way.


Now that you have heard my soapbox about using paper or pads, let's move on.


Your potty place of choice should be located where you plan the litter box to be.


It is always good to find an out of the way place that is in some way hidden, if possible. 


It is not a very appealing home decor to have a litter box out in an area where you have company.



To start off you should use a rather large area of paper and las time goes by decrease it little by little.


There is an alternative to newspaper and that is to use the puppy pads, or wee wee pads. 


I put the newspaper on a flat tray with plastic on it. But that is not necessary. 



My savings tip!!!




But for a much better and much cheaper alternative to spending the high price for the puppy pads or wee wee pads....... go to Sam's and buy the "Comfort Shape" underpads, they come in a box of 120 for only about $20.00.

These last me much longer because they are more absorbent and larger than the regular puppy pads.

If you don't have a Sam's nearby check your local health supply stores for bed pads, I think you will find they will be much cheaper than the puppy pads.


Of course, they don't have any kind of scent added to them but you can always get the spray and use that.


Potty Training Aid by Simple Solutions is extremely helpful for leaving a scent on the paper or pad that draws the dog to relieve himself there.


You only have to spray or drop it on the paper or pad. 


There are other brands out there, but this is the one I have used with success and I purchase it at Petsmart.

***Below you will find the new information I recently added about "Wizdog". 


It is a great option for your litter box! 


This training works great with either a litter box or the WIZDOG!


Click Here To Go To Site    More on that later in detail!






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