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Hi Friend and Dog Lover,




All the links are listed and you should be able to just click on the links and be taken to your secret webpage. If clicking on the link does not work then just copy and paste the address into your browser. Please make sure you read this entire email. 

Thanks for purchasing "How to Litter Box Train Your Dog!"  

The link for the litter box training e-book itself is: 

Some of your other bonus e-books are located at: 

Your bonus "Bag of Dog Tricks" e-book, is at:


Thanks and God blessYou! (More free dog e-books at the bottom of this email for you!) 

Teresa Heath


P.s Good news! I just found the most exciting product for your puppy! No more whining and crying puppy!!!!They are cute and cuddly stuffed animals that come complete with a battery operated heart beat and two types of disposable heat bags that you can insert in an enclosed pouch. They have won the Dog Fancy Magazine and Cat Fancy Magazine Editor's Choice Award for best new product.

These innovative products were invented to aid puppies and kittens while they become accustomed to their new surroundings. But, while testing, we discovered that adult pets (and their human friends!) also fell in love with the comfort and security the SnugglePuppie™ provided. And, talk about a low maintenance companion, there are no food, vet visits or clean-ups to deal with! It even fits inside all airline approved carriers to give your pet added security and comfort during travel.

Friends!! I got so excited when I heard about this because I have been looking for something like it to suggest to my customers and friends and their new puppies or dogs!  No more crying puppys while in their crate missing their littermates and momma!

Check it out at:

Also, When you get your dog litter box trained you will be able to easily  take him on trips with you. Check out this dogfriendly U.S. and Canada Travel Guide, it is awesome! 


P.S.S.  More Good news!  I have found the most wonderful resource that you just have to have! It will save you hundreds of dollars in vet bills. I am so excited about this I had to share it with you, you will thank me several times over!!!!! It is an ebook with 1009 home remedies for your dog!!! It is called “Veterinary Secrets Revealed!” It covers just about every illness or type of pain your dog might encounter and how to treat it with a home remedy instead of having to spend all your money at the vet’s office.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of spending so much money at the vet’s office, the charges are getting more and more outrageous.

You have to check this one out:

God bless, Teresa Heath

Some more free dog ebooks for you:


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100 Greatest Dog Training Tips Ever!

Some great free Dog Training Tips: 

Activities for You And Your Dog 

Dog Training Basics


Dog Healthcare 

SELECTING TRAINING EQUIPMENT - Basics on selecting equipment, how to determine how it will affect your dog & you as a handler.  

HARD TO TRAIN? A look at "difficult-to-train" breeds and the reality of what shapes these canine minds.

THE FINE ART OF OBSERVATION The importance of observing what your dog can tell you about himself, and how you can use that information to make humane training decisions.  

DANCES WITH DOGS - The dance of a willing partnership between handler and dog is a joy. 

GREEN EGGS & HAM & DOG TRAINING? - Taking a tip from Dr. Seuss is a fun & easy way to liven up your training.

GUIDELINES FOR TEACHING SELF CONTROL - Teaching your dog self control as the foundation for all other learning.  

This originally appeared as a response to a question from a member of the Obed-Comp E-mail List. 

FITNESS IN YOUR BACKYARD - Exercise has benefits for dogs too! Some simple ideas for keeping your couch potato in reasonable shape.

REWARDS, LURES & BRIBES What is the difference between a reward, a lure and a bribe? Explanations & tips. 

SCENT GAMES - Educating Your Dog's Nose
Easy exercises & games to teach any dog scent discrimination as a fun & enjoyable game using his natural talents.

10 TIPS FOR PROBLEM BEHAVIOR -10 basic rules that will help you teach your dog more desirable behavior. 

NEW LEADERSHIP BASICS  A simple guide to regaining your dog's respect in pleasant, non-confrontational ways.

NEW RELATIONSHIP BASED APPROACH TO TRAINING Key points of keeping the relationship central to all you do with your dog.

Puppy Training Basics 

Thanks again,

Teresa Heath 

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