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Dog toy, cat toy with a real heartbeat and warmers. SnugglePuppies, Snugglepuppys, Snuggle Pets, SnuggleKitties, Snuggle Animals- No matter what you called them - they are Stuffed Toy Animals with real heart beat, disposable heaters - perfect for adult pets, juvenile pet & orphaned animals.

Snuggle Puppies or Snuggle Kitties...

The Real Life like Stuffed Pet Toy with a heartbeat and warmers!



The Answer to the New Puppy Blues!! Your new puppy crying for It's Litter mates and Mommy dog! Excellent aid for puppy training, housebreaking and crate training.

The ultimate in puppy care aids.

This will totally eliminate the crying, whimpering and whining at night time when you are trying to sleep! These adorable plush puppies were designed for the new puppy you are bringing home. They are warm, cuddly and act as a security blanket for your new friend.

The Ultimate New Puppy Toy and Training Aid!




These SnugglePuppies™ are sure to capture your heart! Every puppy will love the adorable SnugglePuppie™. Remember that children and seniors love them too! Come complete with "real feel" heartbeat and two types of heat!

All SnugglePuppies™ include:
• Stuffed animal (13"l x 8"w x 4"h)
• (2) 20-hour disposable heaters
• 1 terrycloth pouch
• 1 heart with batteries


The Award-Winning Product with a Heartbeat and Heater!

ChilsonRoth, LLC is pleased to introduce to you the SnugglePuppie™ . These cute and cuddly stuffed animals come complete with a battery operated heart beat and two types of disposable heat bags that you can insert in an enclosed pouch. They have won the Dog Fancy Magazine and Cat Fancy Magazine Editor's Choice Award for best new product.

These innovative products were invented to aid puppies and kittens while they become accustomed to their new surroundings and during puppy training.

But, while testing, we discovered that adult pets (and their human friends!) also fell in love with the comfort and security the SnugglePuppy; provided. And, talk about a low maintenance companion, there are no food, vet visits or clean-ups to deal with! It even fits inside all airline approved carriers to give your pet added security and comfort during travel.

The SnugglePuppie™ is available in our all-new Brown & White Dog and Bulldog/Boxer styles as well as our other three breeds: Black Lab, Brown Mutt and Dalmation. The SnuggleKitty; is available in two styles: Gray Tiger & Tan Tiger. SnuggleFerrets and Birds are also available.

"I have heard so many pet stories where owners complain of unhappy and lonely pets. I tried to create a product that gives each animal a sense of security, comfort and love," Julee Roth, the inventor explained. She even had Florida tigers falling in love, "I knew that I developed a unique friend for animals when I heard that the SnugglePuppie™ passed the tiger test–it didn't even eat it!"



       ONLY $22.95       


 Plus shipping and handling. Allow 2-5 days for delivery Priority Mail.


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Shipping for one Snugglepuppy is $9.00, for two, $10.00, 3 or more will be adjusted in price with a discount.


Buddy's SnuggleKittie™ even matches the upholstery! Buddy is a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff)...At 3-1/2 months he is already 40 lbs. he is going to be a horse. Good thing we have a corral! –S


I had to get this picture out to you right away. It works great and my foster girls love it... Anyway, thank you SO very much. You jumped to action for me, my girlfriend and our 10 orphaned puppies and now they are happily reaping the rewards. You have gained a customer and lots of friends, both human and canine! Thanks again - JMP


...I really believe that it has made a great difference in her (Halo's) comfort. Before the SnugglePuppie™ came, she did a lot more whining and roaming around the crate. Now she just cuddles right up to it and is fast asleep almost immediately. What a relief to know she is more content! I think she has a much better chance of survival if she is comfortable. She is now 12 days old and is being tube fed. She has so much more energy then she had 4 days ago. - DB



Fancy and Chato love their SnuggleKittie™!


Luff is a "fanatic fan" of his SnugglePuppie™!



I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of my cat Bohdi with the SnuggleKittie™. His brother died in November and they were together for 9 years so when I read about the SnuggleKittie™ I thought it would be great as he was very lonley. As you can see from the pictures, he took to the snuggle kitten immediately and it has become his sleeping partner. -GS

  6 week old miniature schnauzer named Dixie loves her snuggle puppy! Kept her quiet and happy through the night. –L & J P


I just want to take a minute to tell you how TERRIFIC your SnugglePuppie™ is. I have a 10 week old puppy... Jack. From the beginning, he would NOT sleep through the night. He would cry every couple of hours. So, I was in Petsmart on Sunday and saw the SnugglePuppie™. Since Sunday night, my puppy has totally slept through the night! He wuvs his SnugglePuppie™ pal!!! Thank you so much for such a great product! – TF & JF

  Carl is really enjoying his friend!



"Obviously, the SnugglePuppie™ was a big hit! We call it Bailey's mama. Every morning Bailey drags her "mama" out of the kennel to play with her throughout the day. I am a very satisfied customer!" - TM

  The puppies just love laying on their SnugglePuppies™ ...and they don't even have to have the heartbeat on or the heater in... We have the pups lay on the SnugglePuppies™ before they go to their new homes and then they take the Snuggles with them ...and they have the feel and smell of their littermates! –KP

As you can see from the picture, Ceiliegh (Kay-lee) loves her SnugglePuppie™. She's four months old now and still sleeps with it every night. We just thought you would like to see a satisfied customer." - KG


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