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In the beginning, I was probably a lot like you are now, I had no clue what I was doing when I attempted puppy potty training our first pom, Mishy.

I made a lot of stupid mistakes that lead to only making things worse and establishing bad habits.

I had no clue about dog house training or puppy potty training. 

I felt like I was living in .....

Puppy Potty Training Hell!"

Is that how you feel? Like puppy potty training, house training or housebreaking your dog is "hopeless"?

In the beginning, that is exactly how I felt with my Mishy.

I was even on the verge of tears a couple of times due to exhaustion and frustration from running after her and cleaning up her pee and poop messes!

My house smelled like a barn and my white berber carpet had seen much better days. I knew if something did not change soon, my carpet would be ruined for good!

I did not have hundreds of dollars to spend on new carpet!

She was even beginning to adversely affect my marriage and home life!

My husband was becoming more and more upset about the mess and stink in our house and was very close to giving me an ultimatum….”it’s either me or the dog!”

I considered returning her to the breeder during a fleeting moment of desperation! But there was no way.......

Mishy had been a very special gift from some very special people who I loved very much. I had been wanting a pom for a very long time and a group of very close friends (who are really like family) put their money together to get her for me.

Her name even comes from the root Hebrew word, "Mishbokah" which means family.

As you can see, I could not just take her back, it would be very humiliating to even mention it to any one of them.

And besides that,  I had already grown so attached to her and did not want to have to give her up.

But, I knew I could not choose between her and my husband. I knew I had to do something quick!

I was in deep doo-doo...literally!

I remembered hearing something about dogs being litter box trained and thought that if I could find out how to do it, that would most likely be the most wonderful option for my Mishy!

I was not sure if it was even true or not.  Could a dog really be litter box trained?

Due to my physical problems at the time and various other reasons I needed a way to have Mishy go potty indoors.

We desperately needed an indoor puppy potty training, house training system.

We had two cats that used a litter box and it was a breeze.

I knew that was the route I wanted to go with Mishy, but had no idea how to get started.

Is it really possible? Could my dog really learn to use a litter box?

As with pretty much everything I really care about. I decided to give it my best try. I began to prepare myself for success even before I started. Are you understanding what I am saying here?

It became a time of committing myself to make this work, whatever it took.

I dove in and began to devour every shred of house training, housebreaking, puppy potty and dog toilet training information I could get my hands on. 

I must have read every book and article that exists on this planet about the subject, but found nothing specifically about litter box puppy potty training.

I spent a lot of money on various books and etc, but Thank God for the public library or I would have spent a lot more!

But that did not stop me, I was determined to succeed. I had made up my mind.

I have been told that I have bulldog tenacity when it comes to something I set my mind to.

Are you determined to find a way? Is that how you feel? If it is, good for you!

Don't give up!  Your answer is right around the corner, or just a click away!

Discover the Ultimate Indoor Dog House training, Housebreaking or Puppy Potty Training Technique

Through all my hours, days and weeks of research I discovered what it takes to succeed in house training a dog no matter if you are wanting them to go to a specific place inside or outside.

I successfully fine-tuned a plan involving some of the best techniques and strategies that I uncovered which ultimately lead to my being able to successfully housebreaking my Mishy to use a litter box and in the end being able to either go potty inside in her litter box or go potty outside, if circumstances allowed.

In fact, Just like anyone who is passionate about something, I am now what you would refer to as a "certified expert" on the subject.

If such a thing existed I would probably have a Dog Litter Box Training Ph. D.

I've Paid My Dues So You Won't Have To!

You get to benefit from all my hard work and extensive research.

You won't have to spend days and maybe months trying to figure out how to do it while your house is falling apart around you and smells like a barn.

You will be able to simply follow my detailed step by step instructions and voila! The difficult part is done for you!

You, like so many thousands of my other readers, will be thrilled with these indoor dog house training, puppy potty training techniques that will give you a....

REAL fool-proof system that will let you teach your dog-ANY-dog to use a LITTER BOX on command without having to waste any of your valuable time or money. 

You will literally become a "well-oiled, unstoppable dog litter box training machine"!



These techniques have been tested time and again and proven  successful over and over with thousands of dogs of many different dog breeds all over the world!

I receive new testimonies every day!

EVEN Previous litter box failures SUCCEED with this training!

EVEN many who have failed at previous attempts to litter box train their dog and were frustrated and about to give up, have since gotten my litter box dog training and been ecstatic at their newly found success and shocked by the simplicity of my techniques!

As soon as you get a chance to go through this training you will be too!

You will no longer have to consider letting your dog go....

I was shocked to find out that  87% of dog owners will not have their dogs more than two years.

From studies that have been done, it has been proven that most people will take their dog to a local humane society or shelter because of housebreaking, housetraining, or puppy potty training problems.

That is so sad when you think about it.

AND 50% of those will be put to sleep (euthanized) because either no one wants them (or knows the proper housebreaking techniques for their dog.)

Indoors....Lower Risk of Disease Exposure! 

I was thrilled to find out that according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs at low risk of disease exposure may not even need to be boostered yearly for most diseases. 

(How do you lower the risk of disease exposure?)

Keep your dog indoors as much as possible unless you are watching to make sure they don't get into anything or have any encounters with other animals that might have some disease!

Litter box older dog or puppy training can save you a lot of money when it comes to the upkeep and care of your puppy or dog because they never have to go outside if you don't want them to (except for walks together when the weather permits.) 

It is totally up to you.

With this training you are in complete control.

Try it for yourself, I promise you will love it! All it takes is a couple of clicks of your mouse and in a couple of minutes you will be puppy potty stress-free!

I can already hear you breathing a big sigh of relief and smelling some fresh, clean air!


Teresa Heath

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