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Healthiest Dog Diets

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Healthiest Dog Diets
Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?

Do You Make This Mistake with Your
Dogs Health?

Did you know your dog may be miserable and in danger of dying years before they should? If your special friend is one of the 45% of dogs that are overweight, then this may be the most important letter you ever read...

Dear Dog Lover, 

Do you know if your pet is at a healthy weight?  Would you be willing to take a short quiz  to find out?

Take a good look at your dog.

Does your dog have a broad, flat back?

Does it's stomach sag a little bit?  Can you
maybe even grab a little handful of fat?

Is it at all difficult to feel ribs under its fatty layer?

Are you unable to figure out where its waist is?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then it is likely that your dog has a weight problem.

Unfortunately, even just a few extra pounds can create a pet owner's nightmare of painful and costly health problems such as:

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Heart Disease

High blood pressure

and even cancer.

You want what's best for your softy, cuddly, friend... a long happy life full of fun times together.  But it's not easy to keep them at a healthy weight when they whine like they are starving (near death's door) all the time...  And who can resist tossin' them a table scrap or two?

Slimming your pet down is going to be tough, right? WRONG .  With the right strategy shrinking your dog down to a healthy size can be a piece of cake.  And you still can give them the occasional treat.

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