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You have to hear this most amazing story just in from one of my new customers that really shook me up personally!

 Two days ago, I recieved a call from a very sweet lady who owns a beautiful pom, just as pearly white as mine are black...she was literally frantic to learn how to teach her beautiful baby to use a litter box due to a very recent, extremely traumatic experience , she was desperate to find a way to have her dog stay indoors at all times. As they say, "drastic times call for drastic measures!"

Actually, The life of her dog depended on it!

She lives in a region where coyotes run rampant and she has tried everything besides getting a gun to get something done about it but has gotten no where up to now. This one particular day her pom had gone outside as usual to go potty using her doggie door, almost never to return home again.

Hungry Coyote in wait!

A very hungry coyote apparently had been stalking this sweet little puppy and was waiting for just the right time for her to come toddling out the doggie door so he could snatch her up.

The coyote had her baby clenched it it's teeth ready to run!

Fortunately, the owner heard something that did not sound right outside and quickly looked out the back door to discover a dreadful sight no dog owner/lover would ever want to see ...her beautiful puppy was gripped tightly between the teeth of a large coyote as it was just getting ready to boogie off with her.

Unbelievable, ..the pom was saved without a scratch!

The owner frantically started jumping, screaming and clapping her hands. Unbelievably, this jolted the coyote, causing him to drop the puppy and hightail it back off into the wild.... Thank God, the pom came out without a scratch physically, but the poor thing was still emotionally traumatized. Now her pom does not even want anything to do with going outside for any reason. Whew...What a scare! I know I would have been petrified it that was one of my babies!



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